Sunday, 5 December 2010

Patience my young Grasshopper

As the Gurus and Grasshoppers comes to an end I thought it appropriate to put my thoughts on here.

Overall I think the scheme is beneficial for both sides and turned out to be rather successful.

At first I was apprehensive that none of the first years would be interested but luckily enough they were still in that bewildered phase where they turn up to every lecture religiously and soon enough they become genuinely engaged and listened to what we had to see them take on-board our advice and improve and I must admit I learned a few things myself. Working closely with other Gurus gave me the chance to see their techniques and shortcuts they use and giving mini tutorials every week has definitely improved my communicated skills.

However the scheme did have its downsides. No clear timescale was set so the tutorials and texturing projects we planned to give were cut short as the scheme was brought to an abrupt end and some weeks when stress levels ran high, it was extremely annoying to have a first year hanging off your elbow.

Overall I’m not sure how much the Grasshoppers benefited. They pretty much learned to model and texture quicker than our weekly meets but I guess it’s the little shortcuts and timesavers that will help them most. It also makes the course more close-knit as we all work and learn together which is very rare to see in other university courses.

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Michael Powell said...

As this was our first go at running a guru scheme, there's some fine tuning needed. We'll take your comments on board for next year, thanks!