Wednesday, 3 December 2008

All I want for christmas is ... a remote controlled rat !?!

Yes you heard me right. The other day I watched a lovely little documentary that explored the connection between the human brain and computers. I found the program very interesting and debatable but what disturbed me was the experiments they carried out on rats, monkeys and bulls.

I was horrified to see a poor little rat with electrodes wedged into it’s brain. As if that wasn’t upsetting enough, the electrodes allowed you to move the rat left and right. I’m against animal testing to begin with, so I was already disgusted that all of this was in the name of science!
But it made me think, at what point does this get out of control?

In 5 years time the best selling Christmas present could be a remote controlled rat. In 7 years it could be a horse! This may even affect the games industry. If the general public can gain control of real living creatures, why would they want to play simulated games?

It doesn’t have to stop there. Brain control could even extend to humans, creating soldiers that are controlled from behind the front lines. This could then be applied for leisure. Popular characters such as the Spartans from Halo could be created using remote controlled humans, allowing people to play live action games.

But enough of that…

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Mitch said...

yeah it does arise some moral issues, but the beauty of it is that its completely the rats choice. He just gets rewarded for picking the direction the operator wants. What if we could do this with all animals? ones we test on and ones we eat? it would allow a active choice by the animal, thus forgoing what we think the animal is thinking. There is a ethical question book i really enjoy called "the pig that wants to be eaten" you have to have a look. Anywhoos, thats my brain garbage.