Friday, 21 November 2008

The only way is up?

You’ve done it. You’re excited. It’s your first job in the games industry and what are you doing?…

Modelling rocks.

You turn to look over at the Art Director, rolling in influence and money.
But we all have to start somewhere.

Today’s entry is all about the Art Director.

Thanks to some handy little links and some of my own reading, I have found that being an Art Director could be quite fun.

Although they might not do the drawing and sketching directly, Art Directors are responsible for overseeing every object of the game. They work closely with Creative Directors to set artistic goals and define the style of the game. Not only that but their ‘visions’ have to be achievable and within budget. Art Directors also have the job of selected a skilled art team in which to communicate their vision.

Art Directors may not ever lift a pencil but the overall outcome of the game art is initially based on their ideas. It would take years of experience and practice in the industry to achieve the status of an Art Director. They are indirectly responsible for every object in the game and it would take a lot of hard work and skill to make that happen.

However for me, I would find it hard to have an idea or vision for a game and not be able to physically draw it myself. Even though my artists will be talented (or just hardworking) they will not necessarily draw the same image that you have in your head.
On the other hand, years of experience could change that. The challenge of overseeing a team of people, communicating with them and defining the artistic style of the game could make my life very interesting.

Watch this space…

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