Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Learn from the old

Taking a break from a serious case of mind mush, after, god knows, how many hours and weeks I have spent constantly on Max or udk. However it's paid off as i'm finally approaching the final hurdles of my FMP.

All major buildings are done as well as over 100 different assets all textured and imported. It's now at the point where adding the final touches of detail will complete the look, but it's getting pretty hard to spot them. Maybe a few pairs of fresh eyes will be able to pick out the flaws as I have staring at my level for so long I think I’m missing some major aspects from it.

A major problem I have is with trees. Some trees in my level are nearly as big as the windmill but they are all behind the buildings and out or reach so it seems pointless to waste time and tris on something you can barely see. On this basis, I have created some Tomb Raider style trees, that do the job and use my own tree photographs for that added realism.

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