Thursday, 27 January 2011

Let the FMP begin ....

As the new semester begins, so does our Final Major Projects. As everyone is producing their own thing I feel less pressured to compete with the other students so upfront as this time around there are no direct comparisons between our work.

However that's not to say there isn't any competitiveness there, after all, this is the ultimate showcase of our skills.

As a little recap, my FMP is aiming to produce an interactive environmental scene using a Windmill and café close to my home town.

I have chosen this area to base my FMP on for a variety of reasons. Mainly, it is overall a very interesting area. In the photos, you can see there are a variety of shapes, colours and textures all brought together in an aesthetically pleasing layout. The dramatic height of the windmill is contrasted by the low-lying buildings which are packed full of interesting textures.

Another reason I selected to build a windmill is for its originality. Sure there are cutesy-pie, fairytale windmills in games such as fable and oblivion, but you don't see many up-to-date commercially working windmills.

My final reason for choosing this windmill is for it's accessibility. I am a very strong believer of sourcing my own research and I very rarely hand paint a texture without knowing every little detail of how to achieve it from my own-sourced texture library.

I like to keep google at arms length on my projects so to have the opportunity to take my own photographs and document my own personal accounts of my windmill is a must.

As this final project is a test of my skills I have learnt and developed on this course, where better to start than with my experiences.

As I have learnt from my previous projects, I will religiously update my design document as if my life depends on it. Even falling a week behind can lead to unnecessary confusion and I plan to avoid it this time.

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