Saturday, 9 October 2010

Rooftop Mood-boards

Day 1 of the rooftop project and so far I'm sticking to my schedule.

Today's task was to source my own reference to make moodboards, so armed with my camera i set off for Leicester - or at least as far as I could go due to the EDL protests. But have no fear as i came across a fountain of endless reference right here on the DMU campus. Pipes, vents, alarms you name it I found it.

Well as you can clearly see i put together 3 moodboards showing the different aspects I felt make up a successful rooftop environment.
Moodboard 1 shows rooftops in general so that i could get a feel for layout, size and height.

Moodboard 2 shows assets found on existing rooftops so that i could determine what assets my own rooftop would need.

Moodboard 3 shows the textures, materials and colours found on my travels and from these i created a colour table so that all my concepts will follow along the same colour scheme.

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