Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Prince of Disney

Nestling down into my seat and stretching my legs as far as they could go, I trained my eyes onto the silver screen, taking in car advert after car advert after car advert, awaiting the feature film.
And then an all too familiar concept flashed up on the screen, dazzling my senses and appealing to my inner geek.
Prince of Persia: the film.
I was quite intrigued until a friend of mine leaned over my assorted packets of sweets and whispered in my ear,
“They’re making this film into a game”


WHAT!?! No seriously, what?

Have I been living in an alternate universe or am I mistaken? I’m pretty darn sure that Prince of Persia : Sands of Time is already a game.
I’m actually a little confused, are they going to revamp a classic, which doesn’t really need doing or are they doing something much, much worse.

Have Disney sunk they’re money grabbing claws into a film they are completely going to ruin, so much so that actually the new game isn’t anything like the old one?
(in which case, the game is surely infringing on some copyright laws.)

The pure fact that Jake Gynlenhaal is meant to be the prince. A prince of PERSIA I would like to point out is troubling me enough. But then it is directed by Gore Verbinski, who didn’t do too bad a job of Pirates of the Caribbean, which in all fairness was based on a ride.

But I’m still bothered about the whole 'making a game into a film into a game' thing. It’s just a shame to see that the games industry has resorted to such tactics and seem to have completely abandoned making anything original. Most games now seem to be remakes or movie based games which just makes me sad. Here we are in graphical standards that were merely seen as dreams a few years ago and we are wasting our talent and capabilities on replicating a film. A film that uses real people, real textures and real world lighting. So needless to say but however good we make the game it will never look as good as real-life, which happens to be the film.

Gah! Not sure if this is making much sense as I’m going around in circles but that’s my entire point! A game into a film into a game is a never ending cycle that boggles the mind.

Cheers to you Prince of Disney for giving me one big headache.

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Anonymous said...

I may be able to shed some light on what the fudge is going on with this Prince of Persia nonsense- as I too was a little concerned when I first heard about it.

The film is sorta loosely based around the 3 games (Sands of Time, Warrior Within and err... the other one)- but the apparently the styling is meant to be more similar to the original.

The GAME isn't actually based on the film but does go back to the prince (the one who wasn't a total douche who wore a scarf on his head). It's apparently set after the Sands of Time and before Warrior Within.

Not sure how much of a story there is to tell there- but it looks promising. Hopefully it won't be piss easy like the last game.

Hope that cleared things up a bit.