Wednesday, 30 December 2009

An Epic Battle is on it's way, choose your side

Realism versus fantasy, an epic battle of which gamers everywhere take up their AK’s and Magic Staffs and fight to the death in an epic battle that will last centuries.

Well not quite, but I do wish that someone somewhere in the world of gaming would turn around and be like “ hey let’s not try to make this soldier as real looking as we can, why not make an awesome looking yeti?”

Yet again, this is my one woman rant on realism.

I have tried on numerous occasions to approach realism with open arms only to be cast aside as I realise that realistic games are god-awful and dull to play. I just don’t understand who on earth turned around to their production team an said “don’t worry guys, we don’t have a storyline and we’ve only programmes the X button but it’s fine the graphics will make the game.”

Nothing makes me more angry than when an awesome looking game is just that. No gamelay, no originality, nothing. Which begs the question is there anything creative left in reality?

Obviously I approach this question from a Game Artist point of view as the world around us is undoubtedly creative to artists, architects etc. but how many nice-looking trees can be modelled before they just become objects gamers completely overlook?

Take children ,for example. Even though today’s youths are exposed to a world of war, violence and death, the majority of them can be found in their back gardens playing in a make-believe world of fairies, magic and pokemon.

Deep, deep down in all of us it is innate, we all secretly prefer a world of fantasy and magic, we all wish we could fly or cast fire.

Which is probably why films such as Avatar and Lord of the Rings have do so well because we all like to escape from realism so why don’t games do the same?

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Blair said...

I agree with your womanly rant! Super realistic jungles in Crysis do nothing for me compared to the stylised colours in Uncharted, though those games are a nice middle between reality and fantasy imo. I don't think the masses think about this kind of thing though, so going for photo realism is a safe bet? I dunno. Its fashionable now though and making things realistic is the hard bit, stylising is so much more fun and interesting to look at. ^^
Agree everyone loves fantasy deep down though, the hours I've racked up on Dragon Age Origins since xmas prove it. oops.