Sunday, 29 March 2009

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Huzzarh!!! Not to sound too enthusiastic about my first year finishing but what a whirlwind adventure it’s been.

I came here wanting to be a character artist and I’m ending my first year contemplating a life in 3D modelling. I came here all fresh-faced and naïve and now I’m an individual that can look after myself.

I’ve really enjoyed my first year as a Game Art student and its turned out to be better than I expected. Yes, okay, 12 weeks without labs or 3D tutoring was a huge disappointment but the projects we have been given and to see how much I have already improved has made up for that.

The biggest surprise for me was the visual design. I was expecting something far more digital but I am enjoying the tasks we have been set far more. I think the biggest highlight has been the life-drawing. Any excuse to get covered head-to-toe in charcoal (I will certainly miss my war stripes!)

But more seriously I think the traditional art side of this course has for exceeded my expectations. It has helped me develop my skills and understand how to improve and flourish as an artist.

Rumours of a more digital-art orientation has saddened me. Sure a few Photoshop tutorials will help but I have learnt far more whilst left to my own devices. I think the traditional side of things is far more important as it can be applied to just about anything. I think lectures on the technical side of games would help as I still don’t have a clue what game engines do exactly and I cant even name half of the key game developers out there.

The film lectures, although unexpected, have actually been really helpful. They have widened my artistic knowledge and increased my repertoire of genres and styles. The blog writing keeps me literacy skills in ship-shape too. A discussion after the film would prove effective as it will help me reflect what we have gained from watching the film.

My only major complaint would be about the class sizes. It’s been worse than being in school. There is so many of us that I feel we rarely get feedback or just even time to get to know the tutors and other students.

I would also love the chance to critique games. In a similar style to the film sessions, I would jump at the chance to test out a game and then discuss its strengths and flaws as it will improve our knowledge of overall gameplay.

Looking back I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year, I’ve grown as an artist and as a person and cant wait to get my teeth stuck into the second year.

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Al said...

Just rolled upon this.
I know how you feel about class sizes but don't worry, our class (3rd years now) is almost half what it once was.
As for critiquing games, we will need to do that in our own time as everyone can watch a film and not everyone can play a game, though I feel games are slightly more relevant. And films aren't as good as the guest lecturers we had last year.

Keep adding to this blog too. Get in the habit of a post every week. I havent yet but quantity does help