Friday, 3 October 2008

An Introduction to the ramblings of KwazySheep

On a dreary Wednesday morning in late September, I was informed that I would have to keep a weekly blog. The purpose of this blog, I was told, was to replace strenuous essay writing and that we would discuss weekly tasks set for us.

Well at first, to be completely honest, I was a bit ticked off. I had just recently spent 2 years studying the wonderful English language. Week after week I was writing lengthy essays and I was good at it! I was so proud of myself in thinking I had acquired a valuable life skill. Writing in a coherent structure would surely benefit me for the rest of my life, so needless to say, when I was told that I would be writing a ‘blog’ I was fairly annoyed.

It was only until later that night, when I was sat in bar intoxicated with Bacardi and lemonades (no ice = more drink ;P) I began to realise that blogs are actually accurate reflections of our digitally orientated lifestyles. Our society is rapidly changing and I was going to have to discard aspects of my ‘old skool’ education and keep up with it.

With my recent revelation still in mind I sat down to create my blog. I was amused by the choice of backgrounds and names (I opted for my hotmail alias KwazySheep... a very long story) but part of me really didn’t want random internet users to know all the details of my life. To me a blog was an online diary, a concept I found very disturbing. So to put my mind at rest I browsed some existing bloggers. I was surprised by the wide range of styles and personas, blogs didn’t have to be about our personal lives, they could be about whatever the blogger desired.

With that in mind I decided (well I didn’t have any choice really, it was part of my task) that my blog would be an entertaining read of my opinions and interpretations, hopefully written in such a way, that my charming personality would shine through :P teehee.

However I am still determined to get my disciplined writing skills in there, so my blogs will also be pristine and coherent, well hopefully they will.

And on that note I will end my first ever post there.

Watch this space...

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Michael Powell said...

I'm glad you intend to keep your writing standards high. There's nothing intrinsically low quality about blogging, but it's often the case that bloggers write in a 'stream of consciousness' and this can come across as ranting, or rambling, ugly prose.

Somehow you have to strike a balance between spontaneity and structure and this presents an interesting challenge to a serious writer.

I look forward to seeing how you rise to the challenge!